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plate with a strawberry semifreddo garnished with strawberries and a mint leaf

Strawberry parfait: quick and easy recipe for a fresh summer dessert

Temperatures are rising, summer is coming and the desire for something cool and refreshing is also increasing. And if the craving to be satisfied is for a dessert, why not satisfy it with a delicious, delicate, no-bake summer dessert?

Strawberry parfait is the ideal choice for a dessert that is easy to prepare, incredibly tasty but above all versatile. It can be prepared in advance, which makes it perfect for surprising your guests or friends at a summer dinner party, for pampering yourself after a meal and is also ideal for a tasty snack, combining the sweetness of strawberries with the creaminess of a semifreddo base.

Let's not forget that strawberries, the undisputed stars of this dessert, are not only tasty but are also rich in beneficial properties and containing vitamin C, antioxidants and fibre, as well as being low in calories.

Strawberry parfait is simple and requires no special culinary skills, but above all it will delight the palates of young and old alike. We leave you with Cesarina Francesca's recipe with which you can prepare this dessert and bring a touch of freshness and colour to the table.

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