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Francesca Maria

Cesarina from 2021

My speciality: Bucatini with sardines

I live in: Palermo

Spoken languages: Italian and English

Good to know

I offer vegetarian alternatives

Hi from Francesca Maria!

Francesca lives in Bagheria, the 'city of villas', a land kissed by the sun and the sea breeze. Our Cesarina brings Sicilian recipes to the table, rich in contrasts, where sweet is combined with salty, sweet and sour is used a lot and dried fruit is perfect on meat, fish and vegetables. "All this is the result of the cultures that have passed through our land. My cuisine is linked to the traditions of both my area and my family. I only use local products and I hope to be able to pass on to my guests all the passion and love that I put when I cook."

My specialities
  •  Sardine meatballs
  •  Bucatini with sardines
  •  Pasta alla Norma (Sicilian pasta with eggplant, marinara and basi)
27 reviews
Francesca was the perfect teacher to learn how to make pasta. It was a special experience for us and we can definitely recommend the course. We had a lot of fun and good conversations. Francesca is a lovely person, so we felt always comfortable.

Eva - March 2024

All the dishes were very, very delicious. You can find that Francesca has put a lot of thought into making sure the guests enjoyed the appetizer, main course, and dessert. She provided us with warm and considerate hospitality. we enjoyed local cuisine, experience cooking, and have a meal while talking about various things with her. All of them will be good memories. I think it was truly a “special experience”. Especially recommended for people traveling alone. When you feel unsatisfied with eating alone, I think it's a great experience to have Francesca's home-cooked food while feeling like you're in a warm home. I highly recommend her for traveling with children. I think it's a better experience for both parents and children to cook food together and talk while eating, rather than yelling "sit down and eat!" at a restaurant. My advice to those who are unsure about what to eat because they have picky eaters is that you can request in advance from Francesca what you cannot eat or what you would like to eat.

Migee and Ken - January 2024

Francesca was amazing! Such a good teacher. Patient, kind, wonderful. She taught us so much and shared so many stories with us. Would recommend to anyone visiting.

Erica - December 2023

Francesca was so amazing! Very kind and the food was delicious! She was an amazing teacher and went above and made our trip our trip extra special

Rae - December 2023

Perfection! Today was amazing! We are a group of 3, Mom and 2 teens and we loved every moment of our experience. Francesca is so warm and welcoming as is her kitchen. We came with no knowledge of how to make homemade pasta or tiramisu and left feeling confident and successful! Francesca is an amazing teacher, patient and kind with no pressure. The kids enjoyed creating something so fun AND eating it and I enjoyed seeing their success, I look forward to many pasta dinners made by my kids in my future! Everything was magnifico! Buon appetito!

Jill and Family - December 2023

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