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Cesarina from 2022

My speciality: Pasta and potatoes 'alla Palermitana' with caciocavallo, saffron and oregano

I live in: Palermo

Spoken languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French

Good to know

 I offer vegetarian alternatives

Hi, from Alice!

"I was passionate about cooking and food since I was a child, accomplices grandmother who loved to cook and the whole family who loves to eat well. I therefore decided to pursue a university career in the field of gastronomy. I have faced a multidisciplinary and holistic path that has treated the world of food at 360 o'clock. I love cooking for my family and for others, starting from the choice of recipes and the selection of ingredients. I like to experiment and I'm particularly passionate about pastry and leavened foods. I do research on ancient cookbooks and asking around, especially older ladies, their family recipes. Sicily, like all Italy, has an invaluable gastronomic heritage, whose recipes and preparations vary from house to house, not only between cities and provinces. This gives the palate the opportunity to enjoy the same traditional dishes with different ingredients, techniques and stories."

My specialities
  •  Caponata of apples
  •  Pasta and potatoes 'alla Palermitana' with caciocavallo, saffron and oregano
  •  Meatballs of sardines 'Palermitana style'
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