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Market tour and then into the kitchen

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Francesca Maria


Duration 4h

Max 8 guests

Spoken languages:  Italian and English

Private Market tour and dine with 4 course menu (starter, pasta and dessert) and cooking demo

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  • Mixed appetizers with seasonal vegetables
  • Tagliatelle (or ravioli) with seasonal vegetables (or ragù)
  • Sicilian sausage in red wine
  • Orange or watermelon jelly

In Bagheria, my town, the market is a tradition. Every Wednesday and Friday morning it comes alive with irresistible colors and scents. I invite you to join me on a visit to the market, where we can buy fresh vegetables, cheeses and freshly baked bread. Then we will return to my home to prepare lunch together.

I like to use seasonal ingredients, so our cooking will be guided by the freshness and variety that the market offers at that time. You can be assured that we will use only wholesome, fresh, local and organic ingredients to ensure an authentic and healthy dining experience.



Gluten free

27 reviews
This was a fantastic experience. Francesca hosted us in a very well appointed private kitchen and showed great skill in handling our group ranging from very experienced cooks to pure novice (me!). She was kind, thoughtful and responsive to all of our questions while walking us through making an incredible meal. I can’t recommend this enough.

Mark Fiorello - May 2024

Fun! Francesca is a lot of fun and a great teacher! Can’t wait to try our new recipes on family and friends when we get back to California! Gracie, Francesca!

Cindy and Joe Delumen - May 2024

Wonderful food, welcoming atmosphere, beautiful setting! Come see Francesca and mangia bene! Bellissima!

Carrie Bailey - May 2024

We had a wonderful experience with Francesca in Bagheria! We made caponata, gnocchi and almond biscuits. The food was absolutely to die for, although the caponata was a personal favorite. Francesca was a very good teacher. You can tell she has excellent food knowledge. She is very welcoming and has a great sense of humor. We came with our three year old son and she was very sweet and patient with him as well. Her kitchen is the perfect set up and a great place to host classes. We even got to use basil and lemons from her own garden. Thanks Francesca!

Hayley  - May 2024

We decided before our trip to Palermo that we wanted to experience a Sicilian cookery class. I looked online at a few but Francesca's really stood out as traditional, homely, fun and welcoming. She didn't disappoint. We made fresh pasta together, she showed us around her garden and we ate. The pasta was delicious. She showed us how to cook with simple ingredients and make a couple of traditional Sicilian pasta dishes, we will definitely be making at home! Without doubt, this was the highlight of our holiday, and when we return to Palermo again, we will return to make different dishes. Grazie mille!!

Hannah & Nathan - April 2024

€139.00 per guest

€69.50 per child

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Image Profile
Francesca Maria
Cesarina from 2021Location: Bagheria    Languages: Italian and English
Francesca lives in Bagheria, the 'city of villas', a land kissed by the sun and the sea breeze. Our Cesarina brings Sicilian recipes to the table, rich in contrasts, where sweet is combined with salty, sweet and sour is used a lot and dried fruit is perfect on meat, fish and vegetables. "All this is the result of the cultures that have passed through our land. My cuisine is linked to the traditions of both my area and my family. I only use local products and I hope to be able to pass on to my guests all the passion and love that I put when I cook."
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