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Dish with bean stew accompanied by toasted bread crostini

Summer eye bean stew

Now little known and utilized, eye beans are a type of legume that is delicious and rich in properties. Our Cesarina Beatrice has shared with us her easy and quick recipe to prepare a summer stew that enhances the flavor of this legume.

If you're looking for a dish for a light, healthy, quick, and also suitable for athletes (beans are an excellent source of protein), keep reading!

A bit of history

Characterized by a small black spot on the side resembling an eye, these beans were the only ones known in the Old Continent before Christopher Columbus brought the larger borlotti beans from America, which almost supplanted the eye beans.

The Egyptians called them dolichos and they were the ritual food of the priests; while the Romans considered them a plebeian food not suitable for aristocrats, so much so that the poet Virgil called them vilem phaseulum, meaning "vile" beans.

The nutritional characteristics

Today, this type of legume is (fortunately) revalued. Yes, because besides being very tasty, they are rich in nutrients: they contain about 30% protein, are rich in fiber, vitamins (including A, C, and those of group B) and minerals such as iron, magnesium, and potassium. At the same time, they are low in fat and are therefore suitable even for those following a low-calorie diet; moreover, they have a low glycemic index and help maintain an optimal blood sugar level.

The eye beans in other cultures

If in our culture this type of beans is spreading again after being almost completely forgotten, in other cultures it is instead very widespread and consumed. In African and American cuisine, for example, they are widely used, and tradition dictates that they are eaten on New Year's Day as a sign of good luck, similar to what we do with lentils.

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