Cesarine & Wineries of Italy

Together we can create a new world of experiences throughout Italy

Cesarine's Home Food Pairing, Winery Show Cooking, or Wine Tours with Tastings: Together we will choose which experiences to create to showcase your wine at its best.

Food Pairing: Food and Wine Pairings

The wine from your winery becomes the protagonist of a food and wine pairing tasting at the Cesarine's home. Tourists from all over the world will taste your wines and have the opportunity to purchase them.

Winery Food Experience

Cooking Show, Wine Tasting Aperitifs or Typical Dishes Paired with Your Labels: With the Help of the Cesarine, You Can Make the Winery Experience Unforgettable!

Here are some of our collaborations

Tailor-Made Experiences for Every Winery

Cantina Possa " Triple A" - Riomaggiore

Podere Ferrari - Riccò del Golfo

Valpolicella Wine Tasting in Cesarina home

Palazzo di Varignana - Bologna

Macellaro Winery - Salerno

The Cesarine World

We are a community of more than 1500 Italian food (and wine) enthusiasts who offer culinary experiences to both Italian and international tourists throughout Italy, offering tastings of both typical recipes and wine.

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