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Cesarina from 2018

My speciality: Local pecorino cheese with quince jelly and a pomegranate coulis

I live in: Pescara

Spoken languages: Italian, English, French

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I offer vegetarian alternatives

Hi from Luisa!

One of the greatest riches of the city of Pescara, in addition to its extensive coast, is its cuisine. Sea, the shepherds, and its refined pastrymakers and housewives. Pescara has a rich culinary heritage, and the province is famous for a series of recipes that are highly sought after and appreciated throughout the world. Despite a tradition that is relatively younger than those of other provincial capitals, Pescara’s is unbeatable anywhere else in Abruzzo. Here we meet our Cesarina, Luisa, who offers us typical local holiday recipes and recipes from her family tradition.

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My specialities
  •  Abruzzi cold cuts made by Luisa (frentano sausage, ventricina del vastese, capocollo)
  •  Local pecorino cheese with quince jelly and a pomegranate coulis
  •  Broccoli tartlet (or other seasonal vegetable) and a 'panzerottino' of local scamorza cheese.
10 reviews
We had an amazing experience at Luisa's home! She is very patient, and adjusted the meals based on our wishes. We really enjoyed and we highly recommend on this experience!!!

Or Israel  - March 2024

Louisa opened her home to cook for two complete strangers. We had an English translator to help us better understand what she was cooking and normal Italian greetings. We had four courses to include a small cracker with pesto and tomato, delicate crispy pastry with gorgonzola and pear that was very tasty. Traditional Abruzzo salami and cheese. For the next course we had spaghetti type of pasta that we made homemade using a Guitarra to cut the pasta. Guitarra pasta was made with meatballs and Pomodoro sauce. In America we have an Italian cookie called pizzelle. Louisa went above and beyond and created homemade pitzelles with an iron dates 1900. The pizelles had homemade custard and beautifully piped whipped cream and strawberries on the side. It was well worth the it just the hospitality alone and the kindness and passion for cooking was worth the cost . Thank you kindly, we appreciated everything, every course and your company. Grazie mille. Christa

Christa - October 2023

We had a wonderful experience. We were made to feel right at home. Our translator did a great job. Most of all, Luisa gave an excellent demonstration of Timbale and more! All courses were excellent. Luigi’s home made wines were a great compliment to dinner. Recommend highly

Enrico - September 2023

The master chef, Luisa, her lovely translator Katerina, and charming husband, hosted us for an amazing cooking experience and a delicious and delightful meal. The evening could not have been more enjoyable. We learned how to make fresh pasta and two pasta dishes and a dessert. Even more importantly, we met delightful people and had such a fun evening with this lovely family. They were natural hosts and prepared a memorable experience for us. I highly recommend taking the class with Luisa. You will not be disappointed and it may become one of the highlights of your trip to Abruzzo! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Roseanne Gotterbarn - September 2023

What a wonderful evening. Luisa is a great teacher and she and her husband are the warmest hosts, and Katerina was a wonderful translator. I will remember this evening forever and I will stay in contact with my new “friends “. Gracie, Mille Gracie

Lois Carita - August 2023

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