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Mustard Tiramisu

Tiramisu is not just a simple dessert, but a true burst of flavor and taste that makes it the most popular dessert in Italian cuisine.

It is the result of an irresistible combination of ingredients: the embracing creaminess of mascarpone cheese, the intensity of coffee, the lightness of ladyfingers and the strong aroma of cocoa, which together create a perfect balance of taste and pleasure, capable of seducing the palate of the most gluttonous. Enough to succeed in conquering from its first taste not only the whole Bel Paese, from North to South, but also the rest of the world. Its fame now crosses national borders, making it the most famous Italian dessert globally.

Might it have also been helped by the veil of mystery surrounding its origins?

Why not! The mystery surrounding its origins adds an extra layer of fascination to this tablespoon dessert. Far from being a mere question mark, the arcane nature of Tiramisu's paternity and origins helps make it even more irresistible. If you wanna read more about it, we suggest checking out this article in which we talk about tiramisù and its history.

Thanks to its versatility, it adapts to new reinterpretations, to the point that some recipes replace main ingredients such as Savoiardi with sponge cake, mascarpone with ricotta, and even coffee with other beverages to create unique versions that reflect personal tastes and culinary trends. This ability to evolve while keeping its essence intact makes it a timeless classic. 

We would like to present you a recipe from our Cesarina Benedetta from Turin, a reinterpretation made with mustard and topped with fruits.

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