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Tour of "Osmize" typical locales in and around Trieste

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Duration 4h

Max 4 guests

Spoken languages:  Italian and English

Food Tour: discover the best places where to taste the finest local food & wine

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    Osmiza means eight in Slovenian and indicates the days that Empress Maria Theresa of Austria had allowed farms in the province of Trieste to open their houses to sell the surplus of what they produced. Its institution dates back to the time of Charlemagne, the custom took root with the decree of Joseph II of Habsburg in 1784.Everything is home-grown, and they consume directly on the farmers' farms, wine, eggs, ham, salami, cheese, pickles, sometimes home-made sweets. You will be welcomed in rustic settings, set up with simple wooden benches and tables surrounded by green vineyards. Entering an osmiza is a unique experience, a plunge into the past, where you can taste in company and in a festive air the products of the territory.

    8 reviews
    Giovanni was a sensational host, welcomed us warmly into his home. I loved that we had to communicate across the English & Italian language. We have been travelling across Europe for 6 weeks & the spaghetti, ravioli & tiramisu he taught us to make was the best meal we have had, delivered on all promises, a must, Cheers Giovanni

    Steve - June 2024

    My husband and I really enjoyed our cooking class. We learned how to make pasta and tiramisu. It was amazing and Giovanni was very gracious and a good teacher .

    Lynn Winer  - October 2023

    Giovanni and his wife welcomed us into their home and it was one of our best experiences of our trip! The food was divine with wine to pair. Unforgettable experience to say the least! Incredible!

    Sophie - August 2023

    Giovanni and Mirabelle were gracious hosts, welcoming us into their beautiful home. The food was delicious and we learned new pasta making techniques and came away with a fantastic Tiramisù recipe. Their house was an east walk from the cruise terminal.

    Michele M - August 2023

    We had a wonderful time learning to make pasta and triamisu. Giovanni was a wonderful host and we look forward to making homemade pasta when we get home.

    A. Kamalani - July 2023

    €189.00 per guest

    €94.50 per child

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    Cesarina from 2020Location: Trieste    Languages: Italian and English
    Giovanni welcomes us in his beautiful loft in the heart of the wonderful Trieste. Of his passion for cooking he is keen to emphasize that initially cooking for him was a necessity but slowly the flame of a real passion arose in him that has fueled, over the years, following various cooking courses, including prestigious ones, in around Italy. Today Giovanni opens the doors of his home to share the flavors of his city with gourmets, with the awareness of those who love the local gastronomic tradition and have the tricks of the trade.
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