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Cesarina from 2023

My speciality: Baked Messina pasta (also gluten-free or vegetarian)

I live in: Messina

Spoken languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French

Good to know

I offer vegetarian alternatives

Hi from Giusy!

I await you to enjoy Italian cuisine, especially Sicilian cuisine (e.g., pitoni, focaccia, baked pasta, homemade pasta, pasta alla norma, lasagna, pasta 'ncaciata, braciole made with either meat or swordfish, swordfish steamed with olives and capers, marinara-style mussels, newborn fish fritters, fish meatballs in sauce, artichokes in grandma's sauce, rabbit cacciatora).As well as dishes from other Italian regions (Roman-style artichokes, sautéed chicory, amatriciana, carbonara, Genoese farinata, Genoese cheese focaccia, Tuscan ribollita, tripe in tomato sauce).You will be taken to local markets to purchase fresh products and then cook them. English and French are spoken languages.

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My specialities
  •  Messina's pitoni (also vegetarian) with escarole, tomato, and mozzarella
  •  Baked Messina pasta (also gluten-free or vegetarian)
  •  Marinara-style mussels
1 review
We had such an amazing time! Giusy was so welcoming and friendly! She was very patient with all of us who had no idea what we were doing. We made two different types of pasta and tiramisu for dessert and then got to enjoy our creations afterwards!

Courtney - May 2024

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