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Exploring the Cilento through flavors and traditions

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Duration 3h

Max 6 guests

Spoken languages:  Italian and English

Challenge yourself with a pasta-lover cooking class followed by a tasting of the recipes prepared during the lesson

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  • Fusilli (homemade pasta) with fresh tomato and basil
  • Cicerale's Lagane and Chickpeas
  • Cavatelli (homemade pasta)

Cilento is a region rich in culinary traditions rooted in rural life. Among these, fusilli, also known as "maccaruni re casa," along with cavatelli and lagane, form the basis of Cilento cuisine and are often associated with local holidays.

During our experience, we will have the opportunity to prepare these traditional dishes using authentic techniques. The fusilli will be skillfully worked with iron. Lagane, on the other hand, will be paired with Cicerale chickpeas. Finally, the cavatelli will be prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients, making each bite a delight. As we cook together, we will have the pleasure of sharing stories and curiosities related to the history and culture of this fascinating region.



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€145.00 per guest

€72.50 per child

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Cesarina from 2023Location: Torchiara    Languages: Italian and English
My name is Rosanna, and I am a retired teacher. I love cooking for both my family and the many friends who often come to our house. I usually cook typical dishes from my beautiful region, Cilento. To name a few, I prepare fusilli, fresh pasta "shaped" with an iron and usually served with Cilentan ragù, consisting of various pieces of meat and sauce; cavatelli with mussels and Paestum artichokes; traditional desserts ranging from struffoli to "scauratielli," pastiera to fig pralines; homemade bread is a must, preceded by the typical Cilentan pizza baked in the oven with sauce and goat cheese upon serving, and many other recipes, always linked to the seasonality of the products and my vegetable garden, and most importantly, the Mediterranean Diet. All these recipes have been passed down through generations, and I have taught them to my two daughters as well. Cilentan cuisine is about tradition, family, and feeling at home.
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