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Cesarina from 2018

My speciality: Lasagnette of vegetables

I live in: Endine Gaiano

Spoken languages: Italian and English

Good to know

 I offer vegetarian alternatives

Hi from Marilena!

We are on Lake Endine. This area is an ancient jewel nestled among the greenest of banks. It is the hidden treasure of Val Cavallina. It is an ideal destination for a trip spent out doors in the name of relaxation and simplicity. There is an activity for everyone: from a simple walk along the lake, to mountain biking, or guided tours immersed in nature and along the hiking trails. From the terrace of Cesarina Marilena’s, we can admire the panoramic view of the lake. Marilena loves to cook, especially the cuisine of Bergamo, which she learned through her mother and maternal grandmother. Her cooking, like that of Bergamo, is inventive and full of character. She is capable of creating simple dishes that are appetizing and flavorful, serving quality cheeses from the Alpine tradition, to delicious first courses and, of course, there is the ever-present Bergamo polenta. According to her friends, Marilena’s cooking is particularly appreciated by them, so there’s nothing else to do but try it!

My specialities
  •  Tastings of: puff pastry with radicchio, apple and bacon, meatballs, leeks omelette
  •  Lasagnette of vegetables
  •  'Fagottini di erbette' with tomato sauce and polenta
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