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Cesarina dal 2022

Piatto forte: Pasta al tegamino della domenica con ricotta fresca di pecora.

Vivo a: Salerno

Lingue parlate: Italiano e Inglese

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Offro alternative vegetariane

Ciao da Silvia!

"La mia cucina spazia dagli antipasti al dolce con grande versatilità. Da alcuni anni ho approfondito l'arte della cucina vegetariana e vegana per venire incontro alle esigenze alimentari dei miei figli. Rivisito in chiave vegetale piatti tipici della tradizione campana, senza perdere di vista le ricette e i sapori originari. Coltivo inoltre con grande passione la collezione di porcellane inglesi antiche, che amo presentare ai miei ospiti sia a colazione che alla classica ora del tè. Vivo per cucinare e nutro estremo rispetto per i miei commensali, dei quali non manco di cogliere esigenze specifiche e gusti alimentari inusuali". 

Le mie specialità
  •  Farfalle al Pomodoro di San Marzano (Vegan).
  •  Pasta al tegamino della domenica con ricotta fresca di pecora.
  •  Costoletta di maiale con capperi e limone.
16 recensioni
kms There is no doubt that the highlight of our trip to Italy will be our cooking class with Sylvia and Angela!! It was more than a cooking class, it was an amazing experience! We received such a warm and kind welcome! Sylvia’s home and kitchen is beautiful and she clearly spent a lot of time preparing for our class, her passion for cooking and life was really a joy to experience. We made gnocchi, tagliatelle and tiramisu. Sylvia explained every step with Angela translating and taking pictures along the way. Sylvia taught us her skills of pasta making, from tasting our food as we made it, how to gently handle the ingredients, and helpful secrets to make your dishes a success. Then we sat at a beautifully set table with more Italian delicacies of cheese, salami, olives to enjoy our pasta dishes ….needless to say everything tasted so fresh and delicious! Sitting at the table to share our dishes and hearing some of their stories was truly heartwarming. We completed our meal with a treat of a very lovely homemade lemoncello. Grazie Sylvia and Angela, you were so gracious to open up your home to us, we left with wonderful memories of our afternoon together that we will share with our families at home as we try to cook what you taught us …an authentic Italian family meal made with great care and love!

Janet G and Karen C - ottobre 2023

This was an experience like nothing I've ever had before. I did private cooking class with Silvia and Angela and they made me feel completely at ease throughout the whole experience. They were extremely welcoming. I did this near the end of a 10 day trip around different parts of Italy and it was definitely one of the highlights, I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an authentic Italian experience

Kyle - ottobre 2023

We had a market tour and dinner with Silvia during our trip to Italy for our tenth wedding anniversary. It was honestly the highlight of our trip. Silvia is so friendly and passionate about food and us having the best experience, her daughter in law Angela who was translating for us was also so lovely and together they made it absolutely perfect. We thoroughly enjoyed every part of the experience, Silvia's food was the most delicious we have tasted, and we left feeling like old friends!

Libby - ottobre 2023

Grazie, what a beautiful experience and memory Sylvia and her family created for my husband and I. We were running behind in traffic and worried we would miss our start time, Sylvia’s son called us and put our minds at ease, saying the only thing that would change is that the tiramisu would be made before hand to ensure it had enough chilling time and we could focus on making the remaining dishes and eating the food while we were there. We were greeted by Angela, Sylvia’s daughter in law, with a big smile and wave while walking her puppy. Angela brought us upstairs where we met Sylvia, who welcomed us with open arms and excitement. We were taught how to make fresh pasta as a team and also learned all the little tricks of how to make delicious sauces and potato’s with cute Italian phrases we now take with us such as “poco”. Throughout our time in the kitchen we also had the luxury of meeting all of Sylvia’s kids who were home to visit. They were so kind and easy to talk to, making jokes and teasing one another, as loving family does. We even got to sit down for dinner with her family, where we not only learned about the traditional Italian dishes they grew up with but also received tips on where to travel on the Coast and when we arrived in Rome what dishes to try. We truly felt like family after a short duration of time, goes to show what a wonderful, genuine host Sylvia is. She had known this was an early birthday present from my husband and so at the end before we were leaving they had given me a birthday card from the family and reminded us we are always welcome when in Italy for a visit. An authentic, unique and heartfelt experience, we not only filled our bellies but our hearts with great memories and new friendships. Grazie ❤️

Alyssa & Colin Fallis  - settembre 2023

This was such an incredible experience! Silvia and Angela are wonderful and so welcoming. Silvia's home and kitchen are so beautiful and is easy to find (my wife and I walked from our Airbnb). Silvia makes a ton in advance so she can focus on teaching you and hosting you. Angela is also so welcoming and fun. She translates and takes great photos during the time their. While you make 2 pastas, and a dessert, Silvia has prepared much more and it is a true feast. The food is delicious, and the company is great as well! There's also great wine with fruit! My wife and I left with very full and happy stomachs, great knowledge, great photos, and even some new Italian sayings! It was the true highlight of our honeymoon, and Angela and Silvia felt like old friends! We would send anyone to them and will definitely come back to visit again!

Nate and Sara - agosto 2023

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