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Cesarina from 2023

I live in: Bari

Spoken languages: Italian and English

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Hi from Giuseppe!

My typical Bari-style cuisine, enriched and perfected through my participation in Masterchef, is a sublime fusion of tradition and innovation. The basis of our Apulian recipes, with fresh and high-quality ingredients, remains intact, but now my creativity and newly learned techniques harmoniously marry the authentic flavors of our region. Handmade orecchiette pasta presents itself in surprising pairings: it could be enhanced by an arugula and almond pesto or by a modernly revisited tomato sauce with olives and capers. Bari-style focaccia, soft and fragrant, is enriched with innovative touches of local cheeses and spices, delicately blending with extra virgin olive oil. Seafood dishes are a true delight for the palate. Pignata-style octopus, slowly cooked in a mix of tasty tomatoes and aromatic herbs, reaches new heights of flavor and tenderness. Stuffed mussels, already a delicacy on their own, are renewed thanks to the addition of unusual ingredients that enhance their delicacy.The art of pairing and presenting dishes has become a fundamental part of my culinary experience. Each course is designed to surprise and delight guests, always maintaining the authenticity of the flavors that make Bari and Apulia a unique culinary region.

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4 reviews
Delightful assortment of Bari seafoods presented in a beautiful home by an enthusiastic chef and helpers. Translator Barbara was a clear and efficient delight. Wife Anna was a pleasure to have in the process. Overall, delightful fun.

MarcH - November 2023

To all of you: Giuseppe, Anna, and Barbara, THANK YOU for a delightful evening in your home and a wonderful dinner experience. It was what we hoped for and even better (imagine that) than the wonderful food was the wonderful people we got to spend an evening with. We got a lot of great information and experience with Bari cuisine, but even more, we got a chance to solve the problems with health systems all over the world, social and cultural issues in Texas. New York and California, and we made great plans JUST IN CASE any of you find yourselves in Southern California. Grazie Mille for the delightful evening. And you must be so proud of Mikke (Mickey?) and Francesco (Kiki?) and what and who they are in ten years— Wow. I’d love to see. Marc I agree and also wanted to say what a pleasure it was to experience the cuisine of Chef/Masterchef Giuseppe, and that it was a joy to meet Anna, Barbara, Mickey and Kiko. Lizzie was of course a special and most hospitable puppy:) Come see us in California! Marsha A tutti voi: Giuseppe, Anna e Barbara, GRAZIE per la deliziosa serata a casa vostra e la meravigliosa cena. Era quello che speravamo e ancora meglio (immaginalo) del cibo meraviglioso erano le persone meravigliose con cui abbiamo trascorso una serata. Abbiamo ottenuto molte ottime informazioni ed esperienze con la cucina barese, ma ancora di più, abbiamo avuto la possibilità di risolvere i problemi con i sistemi sanitari in tutto il mondo e le questioni sociali e culturali in Texas. New York e la California, e abbiamo fatto grandi piani SOLO NEL CASO IN CUI qualcuno di voi si trovi nel sud della California. Grazie Mille per la deliziosa serata. E devi essere così orgoglioso di Mikke (Topolino?) e Francesco (Kiki?) e di cosa e chi sono tra dieci anni— Wow. Mi piacerebbe vedere. Marc sono d'accordo e volevo anche dire che è stato un piacere provare la cucina dello Chef/Masterchef Giuseppe, e che è stata una gioia incontrare Anna, Barbara, Topolino e Kiko. Lizzie era ovviamente una cucciola speciale e molto ospitale :) Vieni a trovarci in California! Marsha

Marsha - November 2023

Impeccabili , precisi , con una pulizia insuperabile!!! Giuseppe la sa lunga e sa il fatto suo 💪💪💪cibo pugliese top !!! Da rifare ❤️bravi tutti ❤️

Domenico  - October 2023

esperienza molto piacevole, utile, ma soprattutto di alto impatto umano. I padroni di casa sono riusciti a trasmettere i loro insegnamenti ma ci hanno regalato una serata ricca di grande empatia, ben lontana dall’indifferenza che ci circonda spesso nella vita quotidiana.

piacevole serata in famiglia  - September 2023

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