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Durata 2h 30m

Max 15 ospiti

Lingue parlate: Italiano e Inglese

Pranzi e Cene: siediti a tavola e goditi un'autentica esperienza culinaria a casa di una Cesarina locale

Esperienza privata

Un’esperienza privata è riservata a te e agli eventuali ospiti per cui hai prenotato: non si aggiungeranno altre persone e potrete così godere della massima privacy.

La tua esperienza

    Vieni a scoprire le prelibatezze dello stretto di Messina, città famosa per la pesca del pescespada! Al tuo arrivo ti verrà servito un calice ghiacciato di prosecco che potrai sorseggiare accompagnandolo con prelibati crostini di salmone affumicato e riccioli di burro. A seguire potrai gustare un piatto di spaghetti con la vera ghiotta di pesce spada messinese e per secondo ti servirò un piatto di buonissime braciole di pesce spada ripiene di mollica, capperi ed olive verdi.

    Chiuderà l'esperienza il dolce simbolo della mia città: il cannolo alla ricotta. Sono certa che sarà un'esperienza indimenticabile!

    7 recensioni
    We just left our cooking class with Rosella and I couldn’t speak more highly of this experience. Rosella and her husband were lovely company, it was so fun getting to know them. She showed us how to make 3 pastas, a fettuccine ragu, a spaghetti in pesto sauce and spinach ravioli in a butter sauce. All 3 pastas were so delicious. She also had made the BEST cannoli I have ever tried. Not only did she share her knowledge and answer all of our questions, but they sent recipes, links to tools, and gave us each a little gift. We will definitely reach out to them the next time we make it to Messina, just the nicest people. Thank you so much!

    Bri - aprile 2024

    Rosella and Giuseppe kindly welcomed us into their home and explained everything very thoroughly. The pasta class was fantastic and the food was extra delicious. This is definitely an experience we will remember forever and would definitely recommend for anyone looking to learn a skill and meet some nice people.

    Taylor bland and Lauryn Jamison - novembre 2023

    Excellent experience learning how to create proper Italian pasta. It was great fun using the pasta machine and creating the ravioli. English speaking assistant was also very helpful. I would of liked to have seen how the different sauces for the pasta were made. Also having a print out of the recipies to take with us would have been good also.

    Barry Cheevers - settembre 2023

    Dear Rossella, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your warm hospitality during our visit to your delightful home. our time spent with you was truly the highlight of our trip, creating memories that would forever be etched in our hearts. The experience of learning to make authentic Italian pasta from you was both enriching and truly enjoyable. We had such a fantastic time discovering the secrets behind the wonderful flavors and textures, as well as the techniques to get them just right. And as for the tiramisu, it was simply great! We are quite excited to amaze our friends back home with our newly acquired culinary skills. Meeting you all, Rosella, fifi, guissepe & papa roberto brought so much joy and warmth to our journey. Your generosity, welcoming nature, and smile of yours truly made us feel at home. We feel so fortunate to have met people as charming and friendly as you all are. We cannot thank you enough for all the unforgettable experiences and lessons. We hope to meet you again soon, and until then, you will always hold a special place in our thoughts and our hearts. With deepest gratitude, Lujain 💕

    Lujain H - agosto 2023

    Rossella Quartarone of Cesarine is an exceptional culinary artist whose talent and passion shine through in every dish she creates. I had the privilege of experiencing her unique cuisine, and I must say it was an unforgettable experience that left a lasting impression on my palate and in my heart. From the moment I met Rossella, I could sense her dedication and deep connection to Italian culinary traditions. Her love for high-quality ingredients and respect for traditional recipes are evident in each dish she presents. Every course is a tribute to the culinary roots of our country, reimagined with a modern and creative flair that showcases her mastery of the art of cooking. Her ability to balance flavors, textures, and presentations is simply astounding. Each bite is a gustatory adventure that transports you on a journey through Italy's different regions. From the delicacies of the North to the robust flavors of the South, Rossella knows how to capture the essence of each region and transform it into an extraordinary culinary experience. One aspect that particularly impressed me was her attention to detail. Every dish is meticulously presented with care and creativity, turning each portion into a gastronomic masterpiece. The skillful use of colors, shapes, and decorations adds a visual touch that harmoniously blends with the exceptional flavors. It's clear that Rossella pours her heart and soul into every creation, offering not just a meal but a complete sensory experience. Rossella's passion doesn't stop at crafting dishes; it extends to sharing her knowledge and love for Italian cuisine. Her natural teaching inclination translates into engaging and informative cooking lessons. I had the opportunity to participate in one of her culinary sessions and found her ability to communicate and impart traditional culinary techniques in an accessible and passionate manner truly inspiring. Furthermore, Rossella's warm and friendly personality adds a special touch to every encounter. Her ability to create a welcoming and familial atmosphere makes you feel right at home, surrounded by the affection of a dear friend. It's evident that Rossella loves what she does and desires to share the joy of cooking with anyone fortunate enough to cross her path. In conclusion, Rossella Quartarone of Cesarine is an extraordinary chef who embodies the best of Italian cuisine. Her skill in transforming simple ingredients into astonishing culinary creations, her dedication to traditions, and her infectious passion make her a standout figure in the gastronomic world. I wholeheartedly recommend experiencing her cuisine and participating in her cooking lessons for an experience that will stimulate all your senses and touch your heart.

    Danit - agosto 2023

    95,00 € per ospite

    47,50 € per bambino

    Riceverai l'indirizzo esatto dopo aver prenotato.
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    Cesarina dal 2020Città: Messina    Lingue: Italiano e Inglese
    "Sono da sempre appassionata di cucina, con la voglia di provare nuove ricette e sperimentare nuovi gusti, mantenendo sempre un legame di sapori e odori della mia Sicilia. Mi piace curare la presentazione della pietanza e mi piace condividere con gli altri la mia passione. La mia casa è grande e accogliente, sempre pronta per ospitare amici e turisti ai quali regalare il piacere di gustare alcune prelibatezze del territorio."
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