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 Reggio Calabria

 Duration 2h 30m

 Max 6 guests

Spoken languages:  Italian and English

Dining experience: take a seat and enjoy an authentic Italian meal with a local Cesarina

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    I am waiting for you to try the traditional Easter menu in Calabria.

    We will start with a welcome prosecco, followed by a typical appetizer of cured meats, olives and pecorino cheese accompanied by chilli pepper and bergamot jams, with a little surprise from your Cesarina... Traditional first course of fresh pasta: 'maccheroni al ferretto' ('maccarruni i casa') or tagliatelle with kid sauce. As main courses we will have: stewed and baked kid with potatoes, eggplant parmigiana, all accompanied by our local wines. To conclude our desserts: pastiera and cudduraci, which will be accompanied by traditional chocolate eggs and colomba. Homemade digestives and coffee.

    6 reviews
    We had a fabulous experience with our Calabrian hosts for a 4 course dinner. We got to see momma make the food in front of us. Their hospitality was the best. We were treated like family. The food was delicious. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience and appreciate our local family.
    Frank LaRosa - May 2023
    This was an experience I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life! Antonella and her family were so beautiful and welcoming, I truly felt at home. I admire Antonella and her knowledge and passion for traditional Calabrian produce and recipes. It is an experience you cannot miss if visiting the wonderful Reggio Calabria. The food was incredible, the company was heartwarming and the experience in total - I cannot rate more highly. I’m not sure what else to say, other than thank you with all my heart again to Antonella for this experience. With love, Gabby from Australia!
    Gabrielle - October 2022
    We had a great experience. Antonella shared her home and her cooking knowledge!
    Betty - September 2022
    This is the most amazing experience that someone can have while traveling. Antonella is an amazing teacher who welcomes you in to her home & her family. We learned how to make the most delicious gnocchi & were able to try 3 different sauces. Antonella is a fantastic teacher who is able to explain to any level cook. She was able to overcome any hurtles, including language, to make it the best experience of our Calabrian trip! This experience exceeded our expectations and immersed in the Calabrian home. This is a must for anyone visiting in Calabria!
    Celia - June 2022
    Esperienza indimenticabile con i miei amici tifosi comaschi ai quali ho voluto fare una sorpresa in occasione della trasferta a Reggio Calabria. Accoglienza molto cordiale, ambiente top (solo la vista dal balcone sulla Sicilia meriterebbe di tornarci) ma, ancor di più…, pranzo da leccarsi i baffi. Complimenti ad Antonella e Giovanni!
    Pipty Boys Como - May 2022

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    €47.50 per child

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    Cesarina from 2018Location: Reggio Calabria    Languages: Italian and English

    In the heart of the Mediterranean, in the deep south of Italy, there is a corner of light, sea and poetry. We are in Reggio Calabria, whose waterfront offers one of the most scenic and beautiful walks on the Italian peninsula. Here, you can inhale the scents of the sea, admire the unmistakable skyline of Etna and enjoy the sunset over the Strait of Messina.  Just a few steps away from the historical town center, we meet Antonella. Our Cesarina welcomes us into her cozy home that has a panoramic terrace overlooking the sea. At Antonella’s table, we can discover the typical dishes from the Calabrian tradition, which include strictly homemade pasta, such as maccheroni al ferretto. The colors and flavors come from both land and sea. There are cured meats accompanied by vegetable preserves, eggplant and other vegetables under oil and dried tomatoes. Finally, there are the desserts and liqueurs. Here, bergamot, with its unmistakable aroma, takes the spotlight, making it highly sought after.

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