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Maria Paola


 Duration 2h 30m

 Max 10 guests

Spoken languages:  Italian and English

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    The Pizza Party with Bubbles is ideal for those who want to approach the enchanted world of leavened goods baked in a wood-fired oven. Learn the handling and cooking temperatures of food in an oven where you "measure temperature with your eyes." Taste the products fresh out of the oven, especially the pizza, fragrant and soaked in the scents of Salento's olive wood.

    The pizza, magical and special throughout Italy, prepared with local type 1 and type 0 flours, sometimes with a percentage of durum wheat semolina added.

    Soft, crispy and topped with local products, from tomato puree to fresh mozzarella from the masseria to vegetables harvested from our garden.

    I will reveal the secrets of making a good medium and long rising dough to make at home. Plus lots of bubbly...




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    €95.00 per guest

    €47.50 per child

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    Maria Paola
    Cesarina from 2021Location: Latiano    Languages: Italian and English

    Latiano is a town where you can taste good wine and then visit the baronial palace, churches and museums. Here Maria Paola, our Cesarina, opens the doors of her house in the countryside. "The satisfaction of bringing to the table the products of the garden, the warm bread, the good oil with a deeper awareness, dedication and respect for creation, nature, the environment, the earth - yes, my land - Puglia. Beautiful like few others, rich in everything, warm, welcoming, generous, the ideal place where everyone could start their own project. And then the harmony, the house in the country, the wonderful gourmets children, the quality of my time , the many trips, including gastronomic ones and a new awareness, have pushed me to cultivate and bring out this great passion for good food."

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