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Sensory tour through the streets of Spello

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Duration 3h

Max 10 guests

Spoken languages:  Italian and English

Food Tour: discover the best places where to taste the finest local food & wine

Shared Experience

In a shared experience, other guests may be added, up to the maximum number of people that the host can accommodate. Therefore you may have the opportunity to share your passion for good food and cooking with other people from all over the world!

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    I am Graziella, a Cesarina in Umbria, and I welcome my guests with a warm welcome drink at my home, enhanced by appetizers and bubbles. Afterwards, we will walk to the Villa dei Mosaici Museum, and then continue with a leisurely stroll through the charming alleys of Spello, famous for their flowered balconies. Along the way, we will have the opportunity to visit the stores of local artisans along the streets of the town. We will then return to my home for a delicious lunch, beginning with an appetizer that includes cold cuts, salami and torta al testo. We will continue with gnocchi with Chianina meat sauce, penne all'Ortolana, and end the meal with a house dessert, accompanied by bitters and coffee. It will be an authentic and welcoming dining experience.


    Gluten free


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    €253.00 per guest

    €127.00 per child

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    Cesarina from 2018Location: Spello    Languages: Italian and English
    The passion for cooking sprouted from my childhood days when I played with dolls and concocted imaginative dishes with soil and water. That's how I embarked on my culinary journey, inspired by my mother, a homemaker who crafted delicious meals. I learned to roll out pasta with a "rasagnolo," to bake bread, and so forth. For about 35 years, this passion has evolved into my profession, thanks to my experience in the restaurant industry. Around 10 years ago, I discovered that I have celiac disease and decided to reinvent all of my mother's recipes, adapting them to be gluten-free. It was a significant experience that further fueled my passion because today, I can offer delightful and safe dishes for those, like me, who have celiac disease.
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