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The best experience! Giovanni and Mija were very friendly and lovely. We made an appetizer, main course and dessert. We also learned a lot of cooking techniques. Definitely recommend!

ottobre 2023

Annarita and her family were so kind and welcoming. She went above and beyond to help us get to her house and had everything very well prepared. Her recipes were more traditional and the pasta was some of the best we had in Italy. We had an amazing time and definitely recommend a class with her.

Charis and Patrick
ottobre 2023

Giovanni and Martina were fantastic teachers and hosts. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from them and sharing our meal together. It was nice to escape the hectic pace in the center of Rome and experience the outskirts away from tourists. Giovanni puts a lot of thought into the quality of products he uses and you can taste the difference. Fantastico!

Andrea J
ottobre 2023

Great time with Alice and Francesco! We had a wonderful tour of the open air market to purchase items for cooking. They were both very informative. The set-up at the apartment for the class was perfect. Spacious and effective for Alice to go around and help us with instructions. We created a salad, made pasta and a dessert. Making the pasta was easier than I thought it would be. The dessert looked fancy and complicated but really wasn’t. We would definitely make all these recipes at home. We really enjoyed talking with them as they were so friendly. Highly recommend.

Chris and Michelle Morse
ottobre 2023

One of the best experiences in Italy. Alessia was super helpful and friendly and now I want to go back to Australia and make my own from now on.

ottobre 2023

Luciana was a wonderful host. Her hospitality was very warm and friendly. Her cooking skills were everything we could have hoped for. I would highly recommend Luciana for a Cesarine cooking class.

Emilia D
ottobre 2023

Great time! Cecelia was so friendly, patient and very fun to learn from. Great conversation over a great dinner! Highly recommend.

Julie and Carly
ottobre 2023

Mimma describes herself as not a chef but a mama cook. She is vivacious, a great smile and constantly learning her English from her students. What she doesn’t understand her husband (the supervisor)may but she uses google translator easily so everyone understands one another. We made two different shaped pastas today from the same recipe but started first by making dessert-tirimsu-so it could cool in refrigerator. It was fun making the different shaped pasta and she was a patient teacher. There were a different sauce for each pasta, one she prepared ahead and one we did at the moment. She gave the participants time to sit, drink wine, eat appetizers at a wonderful outdoor table on the patio. The couple were inviting, gentle and welcoming that I’d go back to learn everything she could teach me!

ottobre 2023
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