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Discovering authentic Trentino cuisine with my family

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Baselga di Pinè

Duration 1h 30m

Max 4 guests

Spoken languages:  English, Spanish, Italian

3-course Italian menu

Private Experience
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  • Whirlwind of local cheeses accompanied with vegetables
  • Vegetable soup with barley risotto or canederli
  • Tiramisù with coffee

I'm Cinzia and I live in Trentino, a region that offers many quality products, perfect for creating the traditional dishes that I love. Growing up in a family of restaurateurs, I learned the importance of selecting fresh and high-quality ingredients, especially from our own crops. My home is located on a plateau at an altitude of 1000 meters, surrounded by walks and tourist spots that captivate all visitors. I invite you to my table, where you will enjoy tasty and abundant dishes of traditional Trentino cuisine, accompanied by surprising desserts that I always keep as a small surprise for my guests. I love the conviviality and conversations that make this experience even more special.

9 reviews
È stata una bellissima esperienza, ricca di chiacchiere e ricette, Cinzia ti fa sentire subito a casa.

Carlottap - May 2024

Perfect cooking day.

Christiaen - May 2024

Ottima esperienza di cucina con ricette tradizionali e soprattutto una vera delizia cenare assieme alla famiglia di Cinzia

Domenico  - February 2024

Cinzia is an absolutely amazing host and cook. I was lucky to eat one of the best meals while in Italy in her house. Which I helped make and will soon be able to recreate. She KNOWS her way around Tiramisú….addicting

Andrés Felipe Viveros R - January 2024

When you start your evening as strangers and end it with shared stories over grappa with espressos along with an invitation to come view the fireworks over the double lakes to celebrate San Lorenzo, you are at the table of new friends. Everything about this experience took us by surprise and brought us joy! Cinzia and her husband opened up their beautiful home in the mountains, and she shared her talents of cooking and her knowledge of locally sourced ingredients in her recipes. She not only taught, but was able to inspire the confidence of cooking in our kids. There is a saying, "It's the friends we meet along the way that help us to appreciate the journey." Cinzia and Marco, thank you so much for being a part of our journey!

Mark,Rose, J & E - September 2023

€65.00 per guest

€32.50 per child

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Image Profile
Cesarina from 2021Location: Baselga di Pinè    Languages: English, Spanish, Italian
"I am passionate about cooking, in the family we grew up in the kitchen of grandmother and uncles who had a restaurant, an evolution that made me aware of the importance of healthy and genuine nutrition with always selected and above all cultivated raw materials, another passion of mine . Our territory is at 1000 meters, a varied plateau rich in both winter and summer tourist points, walks and sports. I live in a climate house, which required sacrifices and is the result of a dream I had since I was a child when I accompanied the my grandmother grazes on the same meadow where my house now stands. My table is simple, I am told that the dishes are good and plentiful and everyone is eager to wait for the sweet that for my happiness I always keep of great surprise, there is no lack of laughter and happy chats, which always give a smile to all those who leave the house at the end of the evening ".
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