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Venetian pasta workshop: a culinary experience

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Duration 3h

Max 4 guests

Spoken languages:  Italian and English

Small Group hands-on cooking class with 2 pasta recipes and tiramisù followed by a tasting of the recipes prepared during the lesson

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  • Homemade tagliatelle with squid, olives, cherry tomatoes and pesto
  • Homemade ravioli filled with prawns, cherry tomatoes and olives
  • Homemade tiramisù

My name is Mauro, I was born and have always lived in Venice, I propose this experience to share my love for my city and passion for cooking. In a typical Venetian house we will make and cook together fresh pasta with the products from the lagoon, I will explain the tricks to easily replicate them at home, also I will have time to give you some suggestions on how to best spend your vacation in Venice. For the preparations of my dishes I use premium materials from the nearby Rialto market. If requested, it is possible to vary the menu in case of your special needs.

At the beginning of the experience we will get to know each other while drinking a spritz together and tasting typical Venetian cicchetti.

16 reviews
Our dining experience with Mauro in his home in Venice was absolutely exceptional and a highlight of our vacation in Italy. When we arrived at his home we were warmly greeted and Mauro shared his personal story with us which made us feel both welcome and even more excited of what was to come. He then told us about how dinner would proceed and the menu which he had chosen. Now even more excited. Joining Mauro in his kitchen, watching and learning about the preparation was really fabulous. All his ingredients were local and fresh and the seafood bought that morning in the Venice fish market. We are from the U.S. and my favorite hobby is saltwater fishing and I prepare and cook my catch. But on this night I learned more about seafood preparation and cooking techniques then I would have ever imagined. The anchovy on a slice of boiled egg appetizer was delicious. My wife is more particular about eating seafood, and typically an anchovy would be way too strong for her to enjoy. These anchovies were so fresh and mild it blew our minds. Mauro prepared scampi and shrimp in 3 different ways and each was exceptional and a great teaching moment for me . The fresh pasta dish was delicious and again I learned several key techniques from Mauro in the preparation process that I will be able to use at home. Prior to starting the prep and cooking, Mauro told us he liked to keep things simple and use only fresh ingredients. He said keeping it simple was important to him so that all his customers would be to duplicate, share and enjoy at home. After the dining experience I even more appreciated his simple technique and passion for sharing with others. We felt very fortunate to have booked with Mauro, as it was a very unique and wholly satisfying experience. And most of all we felt like we had just made a new friend in Italy.

Matt Adams - June 2024

異国の長旅で私は体力的にとても疲れていましたが、マウロのクッキングクラスは気の置けない友人の家を訪ねるかにような体験で、温かいもてなしに癒されて元気になりました。 メインで作り方を教わった3種類の料理は、一つ一つは短時間で簡単に家で再現しやすいように工夫されたレシピであると同時に、トータルでは調理の仕方で引き出される食材の良さが変わる事に気づくように計算されていました。なにより季節の地元の魚と野菜を新鮮な内に料理するという彼の料理哲学に共感しました。特にベネチアでこの時期にしか手に入らない野菜を知ることができたのは貴重な体験でした。 簡単で美味しい前菜やお酒の合わせ方、料理の合間にリフレッシュする付け合わせなど、イタリアのおもてなしをトータルで教えてもらえたのも嬉しかったです。 私は英語が得意ではないのですが、マウロは分かり易い表現を使ってくれたので、コミュニケーションに困ることは全くありませんでした。安心して知りたいことをたくさん質問する事ができました。 今まで本や動画を見ながら適当に作ったペストーパスタは、いったい何だったの?と思うくらい、マウロが作ってくれたものは別格の美味しさでした。これから日本でも生のバジルが手に入り易い季節になるので、マウロのペストパスタを絶対再現します! Cesarineからのフォローメールが何度もありましたが、正直に言うと現地で場所を探すことに不安がありました。でも、当日はマウロが家の前の道に出て待っててくれたので全く心配なかったですよ。

Emiko - June 2024

If you are looking for an authentic and warm culinary experience, you cannot miss a visit to Mauro's home. The evening spent in his splendid home was a complete immersion in Venetian traditions and flavours, where each dish tells a story. Mauro welcomed me with a warmth that only true cooking enthusiasts can convey. The atmosphere was relaxed and genuinely welcoming, making me feel immediately at ease. The interior of the house, well-kept and welcoming, reflected Mauro's passion for timeless elegance. The real protagonist of the lunch, however, was the food. The recipes, typically Venetian, were simple in their execution but surprisingly rich in flavor, thanks to the use of high quality ingredients. Among the dishes served, every bite was a revelation, starting from the appetizers with scampi to the creamy and perfectly creamed risotto. A special moment was learning how to prepare authentic Venetian Spritz. Mauro guided me through the steps, revealing tricks and secrets to obtain the perfect mix of bitter, prosecco and seltzer, all accompanied by a selection of Venetian cicchetti that enhanced the taste. Not only did I enjoy an exceptional lunch, but I also gained culinary knowledge that I will take with me, easy to replicate in my own kitchen to recreate a piece of Venice at home. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to discover the true essence of Venetian cuisine, in an environment that makes you feel more like a guest than a customer. Thank you, Mauro, for a truly memorable evening!

Monica C - June 2024

My cooking lesson with Mauro exceeded all expectations and was a top highlight of my trip to Venice. Mauro is a great source of information about cooking technique. He taught me how to make tiramisu, two pastas from scratch, and two sauces. Plus, Maura had prepared cicchettis for us. Oh, and I learned how to make a proper spritz Select! I highly recommend this experience when in Venice.

Tamara - May 2024

We had an excellent evening with Mauro. He greeted us outside of his home with a big smile. Mauro had appetizers waiting for us and truly made us feel so welcome in his home. He provided easy to follow instructions for the tiramisu and two different types of pasta. Our group loves fish and Mauro had two incredible fish pastas planned for us. We loved every moment of our experience. Thank you Mauro!

Allison - May 2024

€129.00 per guest

€64.50 per child

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Cesarina from 2023Location: Venice    Languages: Italian and English
At my table, I prepare dishes using typical products from Venice, all sourced from the Rialto market, for a homemade cuisine.
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