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Visit the fish market in Catania

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Duration 4h

Max 7 guests

Spoken languages:  Italian and English

Food Tour: discover the best places where to taste the finest local food & wine

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    A visit to Catania's central fish market will give you a chance to see the ancient city and buy directly from local merchants anything you would like to cook together. In the cooking class to follow, I will show you the simplicity and authenticity of Sicilian dishes. From my side, I will point you to the best fish, meat, fruits and vegetables to make homemade preserves as well!

    5 reviews
    A perfect experience for hands on learning with a local who cares about sharing her passion for cooking! It was a delight to spend hours with Cinzia sharing our love for Sicilian food and culture. She went out of her way to make sure I had what I needed to be able to do the same back at home. Grazie!!

    Paola - October 2023

    Had a great time with Cinzia Abate and her family. Made us feel like part of the family. The food was delicious as well. Thank you for the great time

    Scott W. - August 2023

    We’ve had an amazing experience. It was so lovely and really felt as we were visiting a family member. The food was delicious. Cinzia was super friendly and a wonderful host.

    Kat - January 2023

    Cinzia was a lovely and very welcoming host. She made sure we felt at home in her home. The cooking class was so relaxed and she explained it all in simple steps, that it was nearly impossible to go wrong. She also told us some funny personal stories and let us taste some sicilian specialities. We (3 friends) would absolutely recommend her as a hostess. We left her home with a warm feeling and especially with a full stomach.

    J Cheuk - January 2023

    What an amazing and unique experience! Cinzia and Mauritzio were so lovely and welcoming. They prepared a wide variety of traditional Sicilian dishes and were very generous with the portion sizes as well as with the drinks. And best of all everything tasted sooo delicious :). We will keep this evening in our memories for sure and can absolutely recommend these two. Thanks again for the lovely evening.

    Katharina & Jonas  - October 2022

    €189.00 per guest

    €94.50 per child

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    Cesarina from 2022Location: Catania    Languages: Italian and English
    "Our cuisine is inspired by the most ancient Sicilian recipes, using the products available according to season and the preserves prepared according to the recipes of the ancient Sicilian housewives. Our main dishes are: seasoned risotto with seafood, pasta with swordfish roe, homemade gnocchi with truffles; baked swordfish wheel, baked anchovy rolls, red tuna salad with potatoes, stuffed squid, tuna with onion, cuttlefish with Etna bianco; fried donuts with Sicilian creams of pistachio, almond and hazelnut, cannoli with ricotta and many other delicacies".
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