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Duration 3h

Max 6 guests

Spoken languages:  Italian and English

Cooking class: learn how to cook Italian recipes and taste the dishes prepared during the lesson

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  • Homemade cavatelli with ragout, served with rolls and pecorino cheese
  • Eggplant and provola cheese discs in a frying pan
  • Dark chocolate Caprese cake with Strega liqueur

Feel right at home! Ready to get your hands dirty? Great! I'll challenge you with a cutting board, knife, apron, and maybe a few tears... but only when cutting onions. A glass of red Saggio dell'Oltrepò Pavese will be a pleasant interlude while we wait for the ragù to be ready. I'll show you how an eggplant can become poetry, and how closing your eyes while savoring my dessert can transport you to Capri. It may be last, but it's second to none... I look forward to seeing you!


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€145.00 per guest

€72.50 per child

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Cesarina from 2022Location: Pavia    Languages: Italian and English
"I love to cook! My cuisine, in addition to presenting typical dishes of the Pavia tradition, is characterized by a Mediterranean touch that embraces Salento and Campania passing through Sicily. Being in the kitchen relaxes me and I love cooking for friends and relatives; a home without a good smell of food for me has no reason to be".
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