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Sicilian culinary experience, from appetizer to dessert

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Duration 2h 30m

Max 4 guests

Spoken languages:  English, Spanish, French, Italian

Food tasting experience with cooking demo

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  • Aubergine rolls with onion, cheese and cooked ham, breadcrumbs and herbs
  • Pasta alla Norma (traditional Sicilian pasta dish of sautéed eggplant tossed with tomato sauce and ricotta)
  • Sicilian tiramisu with coffee, rum

We will prepare the most traditional dishes of Sicilian cuisine that retain their charm. Sicilian eggplant rolls, baked au gratin. Pasta alla norma with the classic recipe topped with ricotta salata and tiramisu with a Sicilian twist. After all the dishes have been prepared, you can sit down at the table to savor the goodness of the recipes prepared together.


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€85.00 per guest

€42.50 per child

You’ll receive the exact address after the booking
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Cesarina from 2020Location: Palermo    Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian
Our Cesarino Gianpiero lives in a nice apartment in the heart of the city of Palermo, specially renovated to welcome friends and tourists. "I studied to become chef de cuisine and I worked in several restaurants. The experience I offer to my guests allows them to learn something about the true Sicilian gastronomic culture, so as to take home a precious souvenir of our beautiful land."
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