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Sicilian menu and cooking class on Messina rolls

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Duration 4h

Max 8 guests

Spoken languages:  Italian, English, French

Dining experience: take a seat and enjoy an authentic Italian meal with a local Cesarina

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Your experience

    You will delight in a tasty appetizer of "eggplant meatballs," followed by "pasta with Sicilian pesto" and skewers of Messina rolls called "Braciole," which we will prepare together. To conclude, you can enjoy "cinnamon oranges" or "white mint melon" depending on the season. The Cooking Class will focus on the preparation of roulades, an ancient Sicilian recipe that we will enthusiastically share. Our house, located at the Porte di Roma, is renowned for its cozy and romantic atmosphere, accentuated by the presence of a beautiful swimming pool. During the summer, you will have the opportunity to bathe and relax on comfortable loungers. In the evening, a magical atmosphere will be created by a triumph of candles, making your dinner an unforgettable experience.


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    €100.00 per guest

    €50.00 per child

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    Cesarina from 2022Location: Riano    Languages: Italian, English, French
    "I am a Cesarina class '61, I was born in Sicily, to whose traditions I am very attached, and from my paternal grandmother and my father I learn strong dishes based on fish and eggplant such as the flan of rings, the caponatina, the octopus with potatoes, “Cunzati” prawns, swordfish rolls, Messina-style meat rolls seasoned with the inevitable “samurigghiu.” My mother from Turin teaches me traditional Piedmontese dishes such as boiled meats, fillet with butter, chicken alla babi; the French maternal grandmother from Chambery, on the other hand, handed me the Fondue Bourguignonne and its wonderful sauces. The passion for cooking also accompanies me when I move to Rome where I learn typical dishes such as pasta alla Gricia, 'Amatriciana, or meatballs and Roman rolls, lamb with potatoes, artichokes or courgette flowers, all inevitable dishes on our table. Now that my children have grown up and independent I have decided to give here lche experience for guests and friends who will come to visit us. Our house on the outskirts of Rome, in the greenery and with a splendid swimming pool, is ready to welcome you to give you moments to remember, in the light of magical candles in the evening and sunny atmospheres during the day. My husband Roberto and I will welcome you with the warmth and friendliness of a true Italian family, we will be able to put you at ease as if at the home of "old friends".
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