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Piedmont turns vegetarian / vegan

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Duration 1h 30m

Max 4 guests

Spoken languages:  Italian and English

3-course Italian menu

Private Experience
Your experience
  • Asparagus and veg sauce (vegetarian / vegan on request)
  • Typical tajarin (like spaghetti) with veg sauce (vegetarian / vegan on request)
  • Cup chocolate crunch with hazelnuts (vegan)

For those of you who want to try out typical dishes from Piedmont, but in a vegetarian/vegan version.

This experience can be entirely vegetarian (some dishes have eggs, eg. “tajarin” pasta) or vegan (all the dishes will be free from any animal product). All of it without having to give up on the variety that Piedmont offers in its typical meals. Your location will be near downtown Turin, easily accessible via subway (“Dante” stop).




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€65.00 per guest

€32.50 per child

You’ll receive the exact address after the booking
Image Profile
Cesarina from 2018Location: Turin    Languages: Italian and English
Mirella is originally from Sicily, but has lived in Turin for many years and, over time, has absorbed all the traditions of the area. Our Cesarina, in fact, has fully embraced the culture of Piedmont, also falling in love with its culinary aspect. Now she has learned the secrets of the local cuisine by heart, a cuisine famous for the quality and authenticity of its products. Without forgetting the great variety of menus, in turn influenced by the richness of landscapes: from the hills to the lakes, from the mountains to the plains. The home of our Cesarina is located a few steps from the beautiful Valentino Park, one of the largest and most fascinating green areas of Turin. Mirella is ready to welcome us in a refined and well-appointed home to begin a journey through the flavors of the area.
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