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Cesarina from 2021

My speciality: Gnocchi alla Sorrentina

I live in: Pompei

Spoken languages: Italian and English

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I offer vegetarian alternatives

Hi from Sabrina!

The history of Pompeii can also be told through its foods, the culinary art of the city is full of curiosities and recipes. Our Cesarina, Sabrina, who works in the communication sector knows it well and her art has also brought her to the kitchen, her passion has always been. "I like being in company and meeting lots of people. Anyone who has been to my house thinks they felt at home."

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My specialities
  •  Bruschetta with seasonal vegetables
  •  Gnocchi alla Sorrentina
  •  Eggplant parmigiana
6 reviews
The cooking class with Sabrina was wonderful and I recommend it to everyone. I made this cooking class with my husband and my son 8 years old. We are Polish and the class cooking was in english, don’t worry about language, it was easy even for my son. Sabrina and Angelo are lovely and very nice. It was a good experience and We are very glad. We made raviolis and cake – it was delicious. If You are in Napoli or in Pompei You have to make this cooking class – We recommend :-) Thank You Sabrina and Angelo :-)

Ela - July 2024

Taking a cooking class during our visit to Pompeii, Italy, was quite a memorable experience. Hosted by the incredibly lovely Sabrina, the class was not just an educational culinary adventure but a heartwarming dive into Italian home cooking. Sabrina’s recipes were simple yet incredibly tasty, making it easy for us to plan on recreating the dishes at home. From the moment we met, Sabrina and her family, including a brief encounter with her husband and kids, embraced us with open arms, making the experience feel personal and homey. A family friend, Angelo, was present throughout the session, assisting with more complex translations, adding another layer of warmth to the whole experience. Sabrina’s passion for cooking and her enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge were evident. She possesses a warmth that, combined with her and Angelo’s great sense of humor, made the afternoon fly by in what felt like moments. The session began with a brief tour of her bright and cheerful garden and multigenerational home, setting the stage for an afternoon that felt more like visiting old friends for good food and conversation than a formal class. The setting of Sabrina’s home was cozy and inviting, making us feel welcomed and comfortable right from the start. Her approach to cooking and teaching, coupled with the genuine kindness displayed by her and everyone involved, made this experience truly wonderful. For those considering this class, it is an absolute must-do. If you are staying somewhere besides Pompeii, you have two train stations to choose from. Be sure to bring cash for the local taxi; Uber currently does not operate there, and some do not take credit cards. We arranged a ride back with the same driver, which was seamless, but having their number on hand is a good tip for smooth travel arrangements. We wholeheartedly recommend Sabrina’s cooking class to anyone looking to immerse themselves in the joys of Italian cooking and the warmth of genuine hospitality. We are already looking forward to our next visit and the chance to enjoy this incredible experience again🤗

Balbinder & Viveka - February 2024

My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Sabrina and her family on our honeymoon. She is the nicest lady around and welcomed us into her home. Sabrina's cousin, Dominico, and husband, Paolo, also helped teach us more about Italy. Sabrina started off with showing us her beautiful garden where she grows all the food we would be eating. We then were welcomed into her kitchen and learned how to make ravioli and tiramisu. After cooking we enjoyed the meal at her dining table where the whole family joined us and shared stories. Towards the end we parted ways and Paolo and Dominico helped us get directions back to our hotel. Dominic even personally showed us the way to the highway. Sabrina and her family are truly wonderful and my wife and I thank her so much. It was tremendous fun and we highly recommend her class to anyone wanting a fantastic and authentic Italian experience.

Jared and Claire Osterli - October 2023

Can highly recommend this cooking class - Sabrina, Pasquale, Christian and Paolo were really friendly and welcoming , their garden is beautiful and we had a fantastic time learning to make Tagliatelle, Ravioli and Tiramisu - before sitting down to the best lunch you’ll ever have in Italy. If we’re ever here again (and after this I’m sure we will be) we’ll be booking again for sure!

Ben + Hannah Kersey - July 2023

Sabrina & Paquale were charming hosts and we had a great tine learning from them. The hard work they put in preparing for the class was evident. Highly recommended.

Andy Gonzales - July 2023

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