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Aci Castello

Duration 2h 30m

Max 8 guests

Spoken languages:  Italian and English

4-course menu with wine included

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  • Arancina with veal sauce and "sfincione" ( traditional Palermo street food)
  • Ravioli alla norma with salted ricotta
  • Stuffed veal rolls and pea sauce
  • Sicilian cannolo, fresh sheep's ricotta and pistachios

A typically Sicilian menu , linked to Palermo and Catania traditions.

As an appetizer, an arancina with veal ragout, accompanied by sfincione typical of the Palermo tradition, a tall, soft pizza with a sauce of fresh cherry tomatoes, onions cooked at a low temperature, anchovies and oregano.

As a first course I propose a modern take on pasta alla norma, where a concentrate of Mediterranean flavors will amaze you, so fresh ricotta, eggplant and cherry tomatoes.

As a second course a traditional Sicilian veal roulade with a filling of Sicilian caciocavallo cheese, raisins and pine nuts, served with pea cream.

Finally, the traditional Sicilian cannolo with fresh ricotta, pistachios and chocolate drops


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€220.00 per guest

€110.00 per child

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Image Profile
Cesarina from 2022Location: Aci Castello    Languages: Italian and English
I'm Rita and cooking is my life! Mine is a cuisine of emotions and memories, a cuisine linked to traditions, to the territory. A kitchen aimed at the recovery of raw materials, the so-called circular kitchen. Zero waste but at the same time gourmet and innovative.
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