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Cooking class in the heart of Genoa

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Duration 3h

Max 6 guests

Spoken languages:  Italian and English

Hands-on cooking class with starter, pasta and dessert followed by lunch and dinner with the recipes prepared during the class

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  • Calamaritto
  • Gnocchi al pesto
  • Frisceu genovesi

Dear friends, when you come to visit me you will find a large apartment in the heart of old Genoa. The location dates back to the 1700s, owned by an ancient family of Genoese nobles. It is a short walk from the largest historic center in Europe, that of the Palazzi dei Rolli in the Via Aurea Garibaldi, where time has stopped in the 16th century. The Doge with the Genoese nobles inhabited these palaces rich in Baroque paintings, Persian carpets and objects from ancient China with which the Maritime Republic of Genoa held its first sailing charters; today home to magnificent museums.

Together we will prepare calamaritto, encased in a shell of bread and aromatic sauces, potato gnocchi and PDO pesto, fritters and zibibbo. I look forward to seeing you!

38 reviews
Tiziana is very passionate about local cuisine and typical recipes. I learnt a lot about the food, the ingredients and the town, as well, even though I'm a local. Highly recommended

Francesca - June 2024

Tiziana and her husband were very gracious hosts. The food was absolutely phenomenal and Roberto had lots of great stories to tell! Amazing hosts!

Annie Le Baron - June 2024

We spent an evening with Tiziana and Robert in their lovely home. It was a beautiful experience and the food she showed us how to make was fantastic! She showed how to make tiramisu and ravioli. We started with the tiramisu so it could set and then went on the ravioli. We made the dough from scratch and she showed us how roll it out and fill it. It was so delicious in the walnut sauce!! And after was the tiramisu which was the best we have ever had. In between the tiramisu and ravioli we were also treated to delicious appetizers and Prosecco. Everything was perfect and they were the best hosts. I recommend booking this class 100%!!! Enjoy!

Billy - May 2024

The food was amazing and Titiana is amazing.

Carla - May 2024

Tiziana is the best! The experience was wonderful and delicious! I enjoyed all the conversation with everyone. I highly recommend Tiziana’s classes!

LESA - May 2024

€149.00 per guest

€75.00 per child

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Cesarina from 2022Location: Genoa    Languages: Italian and English
"The delights of Tiziana are a mix of traditional Ligurian cuisine, with Venetian and Calabrian influences . My family has origins linked to these three regions and my passion for cooking and hospitality began when I was a child. eight years I organized parties at my house and I chose the menu with my mother Maria, a Venetian who grew up in Genoa, who helped me and in the meantime I was learning. In my home, which is located in the heart of Genoa, located in a "creuza de but "one step away from the historic center of Genoa, I propose a very eclectic cuisine: from the lean cappon of the Ligurian tradition in its most sumptuous dimension, to the top treated like a divinity that is realized after long passages, to finish with pesto, prepared with the basil picked on the right day just sprouted. A cuisine that transmits love as well as taste and good humor for days and days ".
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