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Cesarina from 2022

My speciality: Tripe accommodated, cheese focaccia, cod fritters.

I live in: Genoa

Spoken languages: Italian and English

Good to know

 I offer vegetarian alternatives

Hi from Tiziana!

"The delights of Tiziana are a mix of traditional Ligurian cuisine, with Venetian and Calabrian influences . My family has origins linked to these three regions and my passion for cooking and hospitality began when I was a child. eight years I organized parties at my house and I chose the menu with my mother Maria, a Venetian who grew up in Genoa, who helped me and in the meantime I was learning. In my home, which is located in the heart of Genoa, located in a "creuza de but "one step away from the historic center of Genoa, I propose a very eclectic cuisine: from the lean cappon of the Ligurian tradition in its most sumptuous dimension, to the top treated like a divinity that is realized after long passages, to finish with pesto, prepared with the basil picked on the right day just sprouted. A cuisine that transmits love as well as taste and good humor for days and days ".

My specialities
  •  Homemade gnocchi with pesto, corzetti, farinata.
  •  Tripe accommodated, cheese focaccia, cod fritters.
  •  Genoese tomaselle, cherry tart, apple pie.
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  4. LUN / VEN   9:00-18:00

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