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Culinary experience with Cesarino Enrico!

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Duration 2h

Max 6 guests

Spoken languages:  Italian, French, English

Dining experience: take a seat and enjoy an authentic Italian meal with a local Cesarina

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    My name is Enrico and I have always cultivated a great passion for cooking. Although I have taken a different professional path over the years, my love for the culinary art has never left me. Together with my husband Flavio, we would like to delight you in view of the upcoming Easter holidays with a carefully crafted menu: homemade tagliatelle topped with a tasty wild boar ragout, a trio of appetizers including a delicate leek flan with parmesan fondue, stuffed eggs and nettle and potato omelet. To end on a sweet note, an irresistible red fruit tiramisu with strawberries and raspberries, accompanied by a fine Barbera Locale red wine.


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    €75.00 per guest

    €38.00 per child

    You’ll receive the exact address after the booking
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    Cesarina from 2024Location: Turin    Languages: Italian, French, English
    My cuisine is predominantly Piedmontese, featuring homemade magro agnolotti and Barolo-braised beef. Each dish, from the appetizers to the sauces, is crafted with care and dedication, following time-honored recipes passed down through generations. My passion for local flavors is also reflected in the choice of cheeses and cured meats sourced from local producers at zero kilometers. This attention to the origin of ingredients not only emphasizes the quality of my dishes but also contributes to supporting the local community. I invite guests to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the richness and authenticity of Piedmontese cuisine, with a table that tells stories handed down through time and ingredients that capture the essence of our wonderful region.
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