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His Majesty, the Merenda Sinoira

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Baldissero Torinese

Duration 4h

Max 6 guests

Spoken languages:  Italian, English, French

Cooking class: learn how to cook traditional & innovative Italian recipes from a local Cesarina

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    Let's recover an ancient tradition of peasant Piedmont, the merenda sinoira, was prepared at home at the end of an important job, and all the members of the family participated in this small banquet, as well as the people who had helped to get the job done.

    We will see how to make the following dishes, bagnet vert, bagnet rus, tuna sauce, Russian salad

    It will be prepared according to the season, typical cold cuts and cheeses, anchovies with bagnet vert and rus, tartrà, Russian salad, and vitello tonnato, as well as Piedmontese antipasto, carpione, electric and grilled tomini, and many other typical delicacies of our area.


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    €128.00 per guest

    €64.00 per child

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    Cesarina from 2024Location: Baldissero Torinese    Languages: Italian, English, French
    I am passionate and curious, yet deeply rooted in the culinary tradition of my region. I enjoy revisiting and reinterpreting classic recipes, emphasizing the importance of never forgetting our gastronomic roots.
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