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Milan on the table between flavors and stories

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Duration 2h 30m

Max 6 guests

Spoken languages:  English, French, Italian

Typical 3-course dining experience with aperitivo and cooking demo

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In a shared experience, other guests may be added, up to the maximum number of people that the host can accommodate. Therefore you may have the opportunity to share your passion for good food and cooking with other people from all over the world!

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  • Milan Meat Balls
  • Risotto “alla Milanese” (risotto with saffron)
  • Sbrisolona and custard

In this cooking class, I will tell you the stories of traditional Milanese dishes and the uniqueness of the differences in Lombard cuisine.

The proposed menu includes Mondeghilli, an appetizer typical of Milanese history, Risotto alla Milanese with saffron, a yellow rice dish with the unmistakable aroma of saffron, and sbrisolona with custard, a Lombard cake that crumbles deliciously when you enjoy it. I look forward to sharing these delicious culinary traditions together.


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€85.00 per guest

€42.50 per child

You’ll receive the exact address after the booking
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Cesarina from 2020Location: Milan    Languages: English, French, Italian
“The ease and naturalness with which my mother cooked has always fascinated me and from her I have learned the pleasure of food. The gastronomic tradition of my family is simple and very linked to classic Lombard dishes, with some additions of dishes that we have met and learned to appreciate with friends and during our travels.” Cesarino Maurizio's house is located near the center of Milan, in a quiet and elegant area. The apartment features a large and welcoming dining room and a beautiful terrace.
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