Hi! We're Nicoletta e Fabio.

wilmaCesarini from 2018
Our speciality: Boiled meat with cabbage, turnip and green sauce
We live in: Milan
We speak: Italian, English

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We offer vegetarian alternatives

The Milanese Cesarini couple Nicoletta and Fabio reinterpret the culinary traditions of their regions of origin: Emilia Romagna and Lazio. Indomitable travelers and lovers of their own home, both journalists and cooking enthusiasts, this solid Milanese couple toils together over the stovetop, “even taking the risk of having an argument.”

Nicoletta and Fabio’s kitchen translates culinary influences from the regions of their family members into”Milanese.” In their beautiful home, food becomes a joyous trail that embraces diners sitting around Nicoletta’s elegantly set table, where you can admire the beautiful embroidered tablecloths that the Cesarina has inherited from her family.

My specialities

- Rice with pumpkin from Mantova

- Boiled meat with cabbage, turnip and green sauce

- Pomegranate salad

- Apple pies scented with cinnamon

- Dates with chocolate or figs with Ruhm

- Home-made wholemeal bread

- Zucchini, tuna and cheese flan

- Risotto alla milanese

- Cotoletta alla milanese

- Mixed salad with vinaigrette dressing

- Aromatic apple pie with cinnamon

- Homemade limoncello

- Courgettes little pies

- Vegetables soup

- Stuffed roast beef cooked in milk

- Aromatized steamed potatoes dressed with salad of the kitchen-garden

- Chocolate pudding with almonds grains

- Sweet apple pies with cinnamon

- Anchovies marinated in extra virgin olive oil, lemon and aromatic herbs.

- Pasta alla amatriciana

- Mondeghili/meatballs with creamed potatoes and a mixed salad with vinaigrette dressing

- Scented apple pie with cinnamon

- Homemade limoncello

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