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wilmaCesarini from 2018
Our speciality: Zucchini, tuna and cheese flan
We live in: Milano
We speak: Italian, English, German, Portuguese

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We offer vegetarian alternatives

The Milanese Cesarini couple Nicoletta and Fabio reinterpret the culinary traditions of their regions of origin: Emilia Romagna and Lazio. Indomitable travelers and lovers of their own home, both journalists and cooking enthusiasts, this solid Milanese couple toils together over the stovetop, “even taking the risk of having an argument.”

Nicoletta and Fabio’s kitchen translates culinary influences from the regions of their family members into”Milanese.” In their beautiful home, food becomes a joyous trail that embraces diners sitting around Nicoletta’s elegantly set table, where you can admire the beautiful embroidered tablecloths that the Cesarina has inherited from her family.

My specialities

- Saffron risotto

- Zucchini, tuna and cheese flan

- Tiramisu

- Milanese veal cutlet

- Vegetables soup

- Stuffed roast beef cooked in milk

- Anchovies marinated in extra virgin olive oil, lemon and aromatic herbs.

- Stuffed squid

Pizza & Tiramisu Masterclass
Pizza & Tiramisu Masterclass
Pizza & Tiramisu Masterclass
Pizza & Tiramisu Masterclass
Pizza & Tiramisu Masterclass

Pizza & Tiramisu Masterclass

Pizza is a must-eat all over Italy and is part of the tradition of every Italian family... Every mamma prepares her own special pizza in the hoven at home.  Tiramisu with its coffee-soaked savoiardi biscuits and smooth mascarpone cream, is always the icing on the cake of an Italian family supper. Every family has its own take on this famous dessert.  Immerse yourself into the Italian culinary tradition and learn how to prepare pizza in its regional variations. Prepare and roll out the dough and add the typical toppings of the region you are visiting. To complete your feast, your Cesarina will reveal the secrets of the perfect Tiramisù.  After the lesson, you’ll have a delightful lunch or dinner, where you'll taste the fruits of your labour accompanied by local wines.

150€ / adults

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October 2022

Nicolette and Fabio were fantastic hosts. I loved learning about them and their experience with cooking. I really enjoyed the time spent with them and would recommend them to anyone who asks!

Chloe Rosenblatt

May 2022

We had the best time cooking with Nicoletta and Fabio! They made us feel so welcomed in their home and they taught us so much!! We hope to come back to Milan one day to cook with them again but for now, we can't wait to try out our new skills at home in the U.S!!

Emily Ross

May 2022

We had a wo derfull evening with Nicole and Fabio. We learnd how to make excelente Milanese risotto and hiw to cook ossobucco also milanese style. All our spectations were surpassed. We do recommend anyone to try cooking classes to learn a bit more of local culture. Regards from Diana,David and Shai

Shai Pérez

April 2022