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Barbara e Paola

Cesarina from 2022

My speciality: Tortelloni butter and sage

I live in: Bologna

Spoken languages: Italian, Spanish, English

Good to know

 I offer vegetarian alternatives

Hi, from Barbara e Paola!

Barbara and Paola welcome us to their home in Bologna.  Barbara, after many years of work in the bank, decided to make the bed and breakfast in her home, an apartment in the fair area of Bologna, realizing a dream. " I love to cook, using seasonal products purchased directly from those who produce them. It's nice to welcome people at home, around the table,  people meet, talk and feed in all senses!". Paola was born in Ferrara, but is Bolognese by adoption. " Of the origins I keep the memories of a child of the summers spent in the garden playing and working the land with her grandfather and the recipes of poor dishes handed down by the women of the family. On Sundays, the dough rolled strictly with a rolling pin...I was enchanted to observe the skill of my mother and grandmother. From them I learned to make cappelletti first and tortellini then, after our "emigration" to Bologna."

My specialities
  •  Mortadella and ricotta meatballs with chopped pistachio
  •  Tortelloni butter and sage
  •  Bolognese escalope
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