Hi! I'm Oriana.

4.7 (24 reviews)
wilmaCesarina from 2018
My speciality: Tagliatella with ragu
I live in: Bologna
I speak: Italian, English

Good to know...

I offer vegetarian alternatives

Oriana, our Cesarina, live within walking distance of one of the most historically rich and picturesque places in Bologna, the Basilica di Santo Stefano. 

Here, in one of the most beloved areas of the historic town, by both Bolognese and tourists, Oriana introduce us to her family: Salvatore, her husband, and their four children that they love to pamper by cooking them healthy meals, while passing on the family recipes.

Oriana is originally from Naples, but living in Bologna, she has learned how to make sfoglia, the typical local pasta, and ragù alla Bolognese. She delights in choosing the best cuts of meat to prepare her excellent bollito, or boiled meat, and for the smallest of her daughters, a lover of tortellini, she cooks this local pasta strictly in meat broth.

My specialities

- Mix of grilled vegetables and bruschetta with tomatoes

- Tagliatella with ragu

- Beef dish

- Mixed salad, fried eggplant and cherry tomatoes

- Caprese cake

- A selection of cured meats, Parmigiano Reggiano and baked polenta

- Tortellini in meat broth

- Bollito (a mixture of beef and veal)

- Roasted potatoes and a tossed salad

- Tenerina cake

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Reviews from our guests

Find out what people thought of their experience with Oriana

My husband and I can honestly say that this was one of our favorite cooking class experiences! We really enjoyed having Oriana as our pasta making guide! We learned so much from her. Both her and her husband were so friendly, accommodating, and fun to talk to. They really make you feel like a friend in their home and it was great getting to them! Oriana, really did a great job in showing us what to do and then letting us do it ourselves. She was patient with us and answered all our questions! She really went above and beyond to make our experience memorable! We highly recommend you do the cooking class with Oriana if you can because you will not be disappointed!


February 2020

Learning from a local is a unique experience when visiting another country. Oriana, my host, was passionate, experienced and happy to share all her genuine knowledge with us. It was a pleasurable and enriching experience to be at her lovely home, learn and eat with her family!


January 2020

Our experience with Cesarine was perfect! I booked a pasta and tiramisu class for my mom & I. Our host, Oriana was so warm, welcoming, and accommodating. We really felt at home in her apartment, and we really feel like we learned a lot about not only pasta making but insight into the Italian lifestyle. It was so much fun to learn how to make the meal, and then to sit back, relax, and chat over a bottle of wine and enjoy what we made! Because online the class was only advertised as 3 hours, I had booked a train out of Bologna an hour after our class, but I definitely would not recommend anyone else doing this! Oriana told us the class usually lasts a lot longer, so I ended up pushing our ticket back a bit and she was super accommodating in streamlining the cooking process for us once she found out about the tight schedule. If we ever return to Italy, my mom and I would definitely do another class! Thank you Cesarine!


December 2019

Felt like I was welcomed into the family. Delicious food (make sure you arrive hungry so you don't miss out on anything ♥️)


December 2019

Oriana was a most gracious hostess! We enjoyed her hospitality and story telling very much. We made fast friends. The meal was the most delicious that we enjoyed in Bologna! Hope to be able to visit with her in the future!


December 2019

Great food & entertaining host


December 2019

I signed up for a small group fresh pasta making class in Bologna. My goal was to learn to make sfoglia -- the egg and flour fresh pasta that can then be used to make so many terrific dishes -- tagliatelle, tortellini, etc. It wound up being a solo class with Oriana, a true Cesarina. She welcomed me to her and her family's beautiful flat with gorgeous rooftop views of the city, and then we set to work. It was truly a master class in how to make this magical form of pasta. Oriana is a fantastic teacher -- clear, kind, very focused on the details and getting it all just right as one would expect in producing this culinary classic. The time in the kitchen was tremendously fun and relaxing (but I very much worked hands-on to ensure I learned!) with great conversation about Italian food, Bologna, families, etc. The glass of wine partway through our work helped! With Oriana's expert guidance, I was able to produce tagliatelle and some ravioli along with a tiramisu. I was able to meet most of her family throughout my time there, and her husband and one son (and girlfriend) joined us for a truly fabulous lunch (which included the pasta I had just made). It was like dining with long-time friends. They kindly put up with my Italian, and the conversation flowed back and forth between easily between English and Italian. Oriana is a delightful person and wonderful teacher, and she is a true ambassador for Bologna and Bolognese cuisine. This is my second experience with Cesarine, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. And if you are fortunate enough to get a class or meal with Oriana in Bologna, you are in for a very special experience.


November 2019

My group of four had the best experience at Oriana’s home! We enjoyed leaning new techniques and laughing for hours. It was great to have a glimpse into her world. Her husband Salvatore joined for dinner so that was an added bonus. We would absolutely recommend this experience!

Kathryn B

November 2019

What a beautiful way to spend time with lovely people. They so generously opened their home and lives and shared their love for their city and its food. I definitely recommend this experience.


November 2019

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the cooking class and market expedition with Oriana. She is an absolute delight, sharing with us her pasta making techniques and lovely lunch in her home. We talked about everything and it is so great to see how a "real Italian" lives and not being just a tourist. Very lovely and memorable day. Thank you!

Barbara F

October 2019