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Cesarina dal 2023

Piatto forte: Parmigiana di melanzane

Vivo a: Gragnano

Lingue parlate: Italiano e Inglese

Buono a sapersi

Offro alternative vegetariane

Ciao da Antonella!

Amo cucinare piatti a base di carne e di verdure, prevalentemente coltivate nell'orto di famiglia.

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  •  Parmigiana di melanzane
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We signed up for this experience in Gragnano and it was the most magical day ever. We spent four hours cooking, eating, learning and making new friends. My wife and I came to Campania following Stanley Tucci’s example of learning Italy by region. We hoped for an authentic experience and we were gifted with it in abundance. Antonella is a skilled artist of Neapolitan cuisine and Gabriella is an educator and storyteller of southern Italy and all things food - especially pasta. I think we know of maybe 20 different types of pastas here in the USA - you can easily multiply that by 10 in Italy … and every single pasta has a specific use and should be eaten in a certain way. We learned a lot about Gragnano which is the crème de la crème of pasta. Antonella’s uncle owns a pasta factory and we were sure to bring some home. We made gnocchi together and Antonella just couldn’t feed us enough - zeppoli (they put sage in them here), these amazing eggplant and mozzarella filled appetizers that I think was called porcetta de la manzana, the best eggplant Parmesan I’ve ever had, Braciole - and it was topped off with Easter cake, Pastiera. The setting? Antonella’s home is set atop a hill overlooking her gardens and the countryside with the sea in the background. Here the rosemary plants grow 20 feet tall. She has beautiful gardens as well as lemon, orange and olive trees. This is definitely one of those days we will always look back on and say “How are we so blessed?”

Debra & Darryel - aprile 2024

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