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Cesarina from 2022

My speciality: Fresh tagliolino with salmon, olives and citrus fruits

I live in: Rome

Spoken languages: Italian, English, French

Good to know

 I offer vegetarian alternatives

Hi, from Giovanni!

"Hello everyone, I'm Giovanni, a young aerospace engineer born and raised in Vico Equense, on the Sorrento peninsula. In addition to my innate love for science and space, I have always cultivated a great passion for good food. In love with my land, I love using genuine and seasonal products proposing my family's typical recipes, alternating them with more innovative dishes.My greatest satisfaction is catching friends and relatives red-handed cleaning up dishes with a shoe!From bread to pasta to preserves, here we make everything at home. In fact, since I was a child in the family we all met together to collect the products from the garden and prepare jams, pickles and tomato preserves. As a good Neapolitan I love sharing and if in the past we cooked for the family, now you often share the produce with your neighbors."

My specialities
  •  Lemon scented calamarata
  •  Fresh tagliolino with salmon, olives and citrus fruits
  •  Ravioli on stracciatella, confit cherry tomatoes and pistachio grains
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