Ciao! Sono Cecilia.

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wilmaCesarina dal 2018
Piatto forte: Pappa al pomodoro
Parlo: Italiano, Inglese

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Offro alternative vegetariane

In cima ad una strada appena fuori dal centro storico, davanti al parco del Museo Stibbert, la nostra Cesarina apre le porte della sua casa, dalla quale si gode una splendida vista della città. "Cucinare mi diverte e mi mette sempre di buon umore. Sono sempre alla ricerca della ricetta perfetta, e quando la trovo la custodisco come se fosse un tesoro". Quella di Cecilia è una cucina semplice, ma decisamente gustosa: "Mi piace invitare gli amici a casa, senza troppe formalità, dando però loro il meglio che posso".

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Le mie specialità

- Crostini di fegatini, salumi con schiacciata, quiche ai carciofi

- Pappa al pomodoro

- Peposo

- Purè di patate bianche di montagna

- Tiramisù

- Prosciutto e melone, salame toscano e fichi

- Panzanella

- Bracioline fritte e rimesse in salsa di pomodoro e capperi

- Insalata dell'orto

- Torta della nonna

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Cecilia was absolutely wonderful! We had an amazing time with her in her home. She was very kind and got to laugh a lot. We really enjoyed this experience and would love to recommend her to others. We will always remember this experience.

Rani Noble

luglio 2022

We booked this because we read all about it and loved how authentic and different it sounded. It was even better than expected. We went on our honeymoon and we didn’t want to leave without learning to cook and make pasta! We showed up and got a beautiful tour of her home, learned to make all types of pasta and even tiramisu. She was funny, and so kind. Taught us some Italian and spoke to us in amazing English as well. Showed us some techniques and tricks and even decorated and set the dinner room so lovely for us. We had so much fun then got to sit down and enjoy some wine, food and dessert we all just made together. After 2 weeks in Italy-this was our top 3 favorite experiences. You want authentic and an amazing cook-book Cecilia!!


luglio 2022

Cecilia was a wonderful host! She made us feel right at home and quickly shared with us her special recipes which were so tasty and fun to make. The walking tour of the ingredients was informative and I learned alot when Cecilia described the ingredients and how you can seek out fresh ingredients. I would definitely recommend Cecilia to anyone who has a passion for cooking in Italy!


luglio 2022

Cecilia was AWESOME! She made us feel like her friends coming over for lunch. As cooks who are not novices, we learned many new techniques that we will bring home with us. AND, she picked up our reservation when our first Cesarine was canceled unexpectedly the night before. So greatful! Cecilia, after we left, we realized, we forgot to leave you a tip! We are mortified! We have put a little something for you in the mail :)


maggio 2022

What a fantastic experience! Seeing the market and getting fresh ingredients, taking them ‘home,’ learning to prepare a meal, and finally eating! All of this while being entertained in a beautiful home by a friendly and experienced chef? A resounding success!

Ken S

maggio 2022

Cecilia was very knowledgeable.

Nycole Richards

maggio 2022

Cecilia is very sweet and welcoming. My husband and I had a wonderful experience, Cecilia is a great teacher. We are very excited to try making pasta and tiramisu at home. Thank you for everything!

Nikol sierra

maggio 2022

Oh my goodness. This far surpassed the expectations we had. It was my 19 year old son, my husband and I. Cecilia was exactly where she said to meet. She was witty, and had an ease with the locals at the market that was apparent. She drove us in her car to her house, where we fixed several different regional dishes. She was patient, and made cooking fun for all of us. It was just a magical day, and I would highly recommend to anyone to do this tour to enhance your trip to Florence.

Clint Hoiland

maggio 2022

Excellent teacher and quality instruction-


aprile 2022

I had the absolute best time going to the market and cooking with Cecilia. She was a wonderful instructor and it was great to just chat and get to know her. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone.


marzo 2022