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wilmaCesarina from 2018
My speciality: Grandma Otelia's I'gnudi & potato tortelli
I live in: Firenze
I speak: Italian, English

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I offer vegetarian alternatives

Florence, to quote Stendhal, has a "subtle beauty". The city itself is an open-air museum, rich in architectural masterpieces and works of art that are unique in the world. Here in the heart of this historical city in a street of ancient buildings located within where once stood the ancient medieval walls, and where you can experience the flavor of ancient Florentine history, we meet Donatella, our Florentine Cesarina DOC. 


Donatella studied art and architecture and she likes to experiment with different artistic techniques, from papier-mâché to ceramics, as well as applying her hand to making pasta dough in the kitchen. This last passion she shares with her husband and children, with whom she loves making homemade pasta, a perfect way to teach culinary art while having fun. At Donatella’s, there is always a festive feeling and the typical flavors of Tuscan cuisine. 


Her dishes, from pezzole to carabaccia di Caterina de' Medici, are recipes which have made French cuisine famous the world over but that actually originated in Italy, specifically in Florence and the Medici court. Along with the fork, Caterina de' Medici brought recipes with her to Paris that would eventually become the macarons, omelette, crepes, the "francesina", soupe d'oignons and the bigné. At Donatella’s table, we can relive the history of the dishes that traveled from Florence to Paris, as well as enjoy the pleasure of tasting them.

My specialities

- Coccoli, la sorpresa del duca, panzanella, pinzimonio, carpaccio of zucchini

- Pezzole di Caterina dei Medici (crepes stuffed with ricotta and vegetables covered with sauce similar to the béchamel)

- Piadine with the text of Firenzuola by grandmother Otelia

- "Pistocchi" chocolate cake

- Biscuits from Prato and Vin Santo

- Delicacies from Mugello

- 'Carabaccia di Caterina de' Medici' (Florentine onion soup)

- 'Peposo alla Fornaciana'

- I'gnudi seasoned with sauce or herbs

- Grandmother's cake

- Florentine tripe or lampredotto

- Pizza & Bread

Strozzapreti or gnudi and potato gnocchi

Strozzapreti or gnudi and potato gnocchi

Gl'ignudi:their name derives from a word in our dialect,and is used to indicate something stripped off like in Renaissance art the figures of Michelangelo.But the dish has appropriated this name because it is the classic filling of ravioli ,but without the fresh pasta coating.After all,eggs were a very precious commodity as well as flour and one could not afford to waste it on the pastry.  Potato gnocchi: date back to the same period as i'gnudi.Cristoforo Messisbugo and Bartolomeo Scappi, two of the greatest Renaissance cooks called them maccaroni-called gnocchi  So make a reservation and be tempted to learn these dishes you will prepare all topped with aglione or herb sauce and parmesan, buondolce tiramisu.


150€ / adults

Cooking classes

Lunch or dinner a la "Francesina" the menu of Caterina Dè Medici
Lunch or dinner a la "Francesina" the menu of Caterina Dè Medici
Lunch or dinner a la "Francesina" the menu of Caterina Dè Medici
2h 30min

Lunch or dinner a la "Francesina" the menu of Caterina Dè Medici

It is speculated that it was in Florence that elaborate French cuisine was born,thanks to Catherine dé Medici,who had married Henry II of Valois.Moving there,she brought to the court cooks,pastry chefs,the fork,vegetables and numerous recipes that French cooks learned,becoming traditional foundations of French cuisine,some recipes for preparation are called" à la florentine"  book a dinner menu so you can taste and learn about the history of Catherine and her many recipes  Carabaccia (onion soup) or Pezzole di Caterina dei Medici (crepes stuffed with ricotta cheese and vegetables covered with "glue sauce"), or Timpano de' medici  La francesina -lesso of meats, or Egg fish with artichokes cooked in wine ,  to finish or sorbet or ice cream or custard or chantilly wine....

95€ / adults

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Donatella was a really good teacher and excellent host. She taught us patiently and gave us many opportunities to try out the various steps of preparing pasta and tiramisu. She is really cute and funny, a very joyous teacher to learn from. The lunch was incredible and one of the best pasta we ever had. Her family was also very warm and friendly, sharing many stories and histories about Italy. We really enjoyed our time there and would really recommend her to our friends. Thank you very much to Donatella and her family for being such great hosts. PERFECTO!!


November 2022

Fun, interesting and delicious experience!!

Karen Hall

July 2022