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Cesarina from 2020

My speciality: Tomato and bacon

I live in: Rome

Spoken languages: English and Italian

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I offer vegetarian alternatives

Hi from Marco!

The home of our Cesarino Marco is located in the beating heart of the capital, a few steps from the wonderful Trastevere district. "I have always loved cooking, and when I was little I used to do it next to my grandmother and my mother. Today I have transformed my passion into a job, which allows me to meet people from all over the world to whom we can pass on our gastronomic tradition."

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My specialities
  •  Supplì "al telefono"
  •  Tomato and bacon
  •  Saltimbocca alla romana
11 reviews
Our experience with Marco was excellent! Immediately, he made us feel very welcome and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of our cooking experience! He was patient, funny and answered all of our questions. We learnt a lot and had plenty of fun. It will be an experience we will treasure and remember for years to come. Thank you Marco!

Cherie & Daniel - July 2023

Marco was wonderful, entertaining and welcoming into his kitchen. We loved the hands on cooking experienced and everything was delicious! It was a fabulous and fun evening!

Marci - June 2023

Before we ever arrived our cooking class with Marco was a delight. We had Marco's contact information and reached out to him before we arrived. His kindness and our time together in his kitchen was some of our best spent time in Rome. The cooking was fun and the food spectacular!! The best pasta carbonara we've ever had!! I highly recommend spending time in Marco's kitchen. If you're lucky, his Mom will be there. Such an enjoyable evening!

Dennis & Rhonda - June 2023

Marco was a warm and welcoming host. We immediately felt at home in his kitchen. We had a very enjoyable evening, and we would do it again. The simple and rustic recipes we prepared were delicious. This was an authentic Roman experience just one block from the Forum. Our time and money was well spent!

Roger G Hill - June 2023

It was the funnest experience we had in Rome. And my son says that the carbonara we made was the best meal we had in Rome! To give context, I tried to give him my carbonara from a restaurant the night before and he didn't like it. So I was so happy to watch him clean his plate at Marco's! He was so kind and helpful with my son, and I learned to make pasta from scratch. He was delightful.

Makiko - May 2023

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