The Cesarine's Cookbook

Welcome to The Cesarine's Cookbook, where authentic Italian recipes and tips await. Dive into generations-old family recipes, rediscovering the true flavors of Italian cuisine!

Piadina Romagnola: a timeless recipe

Learn how to prepare the queen of Romagna gastronomy

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Plate with spaghetti alla bolognese

The real Spaghetti alla Bolognese Recipe

The unexpected truth behind Spaghetti alla Bolognese...

Preparation of tagliatelle on a cutting board

How to prepare fresh egg pasta by hand: the "sfoglia"

Learn to prepare fresh egg pasta like an Italian chef

Plate with tagliatelle with ragout sauce

Authentic Tagliatelle al ragù Recipe

Learn to make one of Bologna's most iconic dishes

Close-up of a plate of mezze maniche carbonara

Authentic Pasta Carbonara Recipe

How to make authentic Carbonara: the ultimate comfort food

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